Twice Bitten
by R. G. Emanuelle
ISBN:  978-1-61929-088-4
Format: Trade Paper,  150 pages
Cover Price: $ 14.95
Publication Date:  2013-01-10
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

*Available in eBook formats only*

Fiona lost her mortality unwillingly to a woman she once loved. Now she wanders through the decades, a vampire in search of a soulmate. After 200 years, she thinks she's found her, in an upper-class family in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. Her name is Rose, and if only she will come to her willingly, Fiona will have her eternal companion. But Rose loves another, so Fiona sets in motion a twisted scheme that involves the woman Rose loves and a betrayal that will lead Rose into transformation. Will Rose succumb to Fiona's machinations and forever lose the woman she truly loves? Or will she find a way to foil the vampire's devious plan and save her soul-and her beloved's life? She's running out of options and, worse, out of time.

**Available in eBook formats only

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