Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica
by Pat Cronin
Verda Foster
ISBN:  978-1-935053-01-9
Format: Trade Paper,  156 pages
Cover Price: $ 13.95
Publication Date:  2008-07-10
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica is a collection of stories about the average lesbian in hot, steamy encounters in not-so-average places. Santa and her elf, a tryst in an oil mechanics pit, or what nuns really do in the convent, this anthology goes outside the norm.

Several talented authors have joined together for this collection of erotica including Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Ali Vali, Kate Sweeney, Verda Foster, Vada Foster, Trish Sheilds, Nann Dunne, Sammo, Cheri Crystal, Pat Cronin, Georgia Beers, Anne J. Kingsley, MJ Williamz, Kathy Smith, and Victoria Oldham.

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