Frequently Asked Questions

When I submit my work, what will happen?

Upon receipt of your manuscript, the Regal Crest submission team will quickly review it to be sure you've sent in the type of work we publish. We'll return it immediately if it has been sent to us in error. Otherwise, within five days of e-mailing your submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a timeline as to when you can expect a response regarding acceptance of the work. During that timeline, the submission team will read and evaluate your work and determine whether it would be a good fit at Regal Crest.

What is your policy on multiple submissions?

Regal Crest does not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions

If you accept my book for publication, what happens next?

The publisher will send you a copy of the Regal Crest contract, and you will negotiate an agreement satisfactory to both parties. All terms are spelled out clearly in your contract, and you can be assured that anything agreed to is in writing and signed. We do that to protect all parties involved.

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I see you have different imprints -- which one does my book go in?

You may wish to suggest which division is appropriate for your book, but the final decision will be made by the publisher in concert with your suggestion and feedback from the editor and submissions team.

  • Quest Books is the action-adventure/murder/mystery imprint.
  • Yellow Rose Books is the "alternative" romance imprint.
  • RCE Books is the drama/miscellaneous imprint.
  • Silver Dragon Books is the sci-fi/fantasy imprint.
  • Mystic Books is the paranormal imprint.
  • Blue Beacon Books is the non-fiction imprint.

Do I have to pay any money to publish my book?

Absolutely not! After careful evaluation and consideration, your book has been selected because we believe it shows merit and will be successful. The publisher then takes on the all the expenses related to producing and distributing a typeset volume manufactured at the highest industry standards, complete with an attractive cover and thoroughly edited text. The cost of the cover, typesetting, printer set-up fees, and initial promotions are borne by the publisher.

What kind of royalties will I earn?

If your book is accepted, Regal Crest will pay you a gross percentage of the cover price. Our royalties are paid on a sliding scale based on the number of copies sold so your royalties may be higher. You will be paid quarterly with no exception. Once the distributor begins remitting payments, they will be passed on to you on a quarterly basis allowing for 30 days to account for, post, and cut the checks. Royalties are remitted by mail to authors four times a year, by the 30th day of January, April, July, and October.

How long does it take for my book to be published?

Regal Crest has an organized book production process which includes a clear schedule for each individual book. Once the publication date has been set, you will be given a general statement of the timeline you can expect. A cover artist will be assigned quickly as we will want to get a cover ready as quickly as possible for advance promotions. Then approximately nine months in advance, your editor will be assigned to take you through the editing process. The speed at which your book is produced is dependent upon the books already scheduled, but the production process (editing, copyediting, typesetting, and proofing) generally takes six to eight months once it is begun. Please keep in mind that the book is produced three to four months in advance of the actual publication/street date so that we can get advance reviews and promote the book. You will receive your author's "comp" copies then, too.

What do I do until I get an editor?

Once you have signed a contract with Regal Crest and joined our family, we provide you with resources that include guidelines to the publishing process, the author's promotional toolkit, direct access to the author liaison for advice and guidance until you get assigned an editor, and much, much more.

What kind of editors do you have?

The Regal Crest editing team is comprised of excellent, highly skilled editors who, over time, have honed their substantive review and copyediting talents. Each editor works very closely with the author to fine-tune the manuscript and make it the very best book it can be before it goes to the printer. In addition to editing with flair, they also help newer authors continue to learn about craft and technique so that with every new book the author writes, his or her abilities increase. You can see biographical information about each of our current editors by visiting the About Us page.

At Regal Crest, we believe that one book done well will bring the author back again with new works to submit. Once we have published your work, we want to keep publishing your books, and over time we just continue to build our relationship.

What is the editing process like?

We try to make the process as painless as possible. The editor will get your manuscript and read through it. Depending upon the editor's working style and what editing needs to be done, the editor may break it into parts and work through it with you piece by piece. Or it may be more effective to do a thorough edit of the entire manuscript and send it to you in one chunk.

In either case, the editor will analyze your manuscript for continuity, plausibility, proper cause/effect, strong characterization, and thematic strength as well as for mechanical issues such as sentence construction, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and spelling. In addition to e-mail communication, our editors use the MS Word Track Changes function to send you information about your manuscript. (If you would like to learn more about Track Changes, there is an excellent Tips and Concepts section here)

You will receive the edited document back via e-mail, and you will have sufficient time to go through it, edit by edit, make changes, and rewrite as needed. Authors tend to agree with about 80% of the suggestions editors make. The other 20% are often resolved in ways that the author and editor come up with together. In some cases, the author may overrule the editor. It’s a dialogue, though. The manuscript may pass back and forth two or three times before both are satisfied.

Once final changes are made with this editing, the editor sends the manuscript to a copyeditor who, with fresh eyes, will work through it looking for typos and errors. The manuscript comes back to you and the main editor to approve correction of typos, and then it goes to typesetting.

We want you, the author, to be proud of and happy with the final manuscript. We also want to adhere to the vision you have of your work, and it’s the editor’s goal to make that come true.

What happens after typesetting?

You will receive a PDF file showing the manuscript as it will appear on the printed page. That is the time when you will go through it, line by line, and look for any final errors or formatting mistakes. Once you have certified that the book is as near to perfect as you can make it, the publisher will send it to the printer.

What kind of promotions does Regal Crest do, and what should I start doing?

Regal Crest promotes all its books via mailings, the website, trade journals, regular announcements, e-mails, and we provide review copies for authors to send to targeted review sources. We maintain a website with a page for each author's books and accomplishments. Shortly after contracting your first book, you, too, will have a page added there.

We encourage each author to have his or her own web site if possible. That's a terrific place to make a presence known. There are often local opportunities to get the word out about your books: local bookstores, radio programs, newspapers, and magazines. There are online opportunities for promotion as well. Whether you prefer the anonymity of a pen name or not, there are steps you can take to generate buzz, and we'll share more of them in the Authors Only section.

Submission Tools:

• Submission Guidelines
• Helpful Hints
• If Your Manuscript is Accepted

Submission Tools:

• Submission Guidelines
• Helpful Hints
• If Your Manuscript is Accepted
• Glossary

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