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Regal Crest currently publishes our books under five distinctive division imprints:

RCE Books
Drama/Miscellaneous imprint
Yellow Rose Books
Romance imprint
Quest Books
Action-Adventure/ Murder/Mystery imprint
Blue Beacon Books
Non-fiction imprint
YA Books
Young Adult imprint
Troubadour Books
Poetry imprint
Silver Dragon Books
Science Fiction imprint
Mystic Books
Fantasy/Paranormal imprint
Regal Crest Books
199 Steps To Love Pauline George
A Long Time Coming Cate Swannell
A Majestic Affair Sharon G. Clark
A Question of Courage Megan Magill
A Question of Integrity Megan Magill
A Table for Two Janet Albert
Amazonia Sky Croft
Amazonia - An Impossible Choice Sky Croft
And Playing The Role of Herself K.E. Lane
And Those Who Trespass Against Us Helen (HM) Macpherson
April's Fool Vicki Stevenson
Art For Art's Sake: Meredith's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Attar: A Bouquet For You Rrrose Carbinela
Ban Talah A. L. Duncan
Better Together Pat Cronin
Beyond Always Carrie Carr
Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica Pat Cronin, Verda Foster
Breaking Jaie Renée Bess
Butch Girls Can Fix Anything Paula Offutt
Butterfly Moments, The Renée Bess
Callie's Dilemma Vicki Stevenson
Casa Parisi Janet Albert
Certain Personal Matters Vicki Stevenson
Chameleon, The Brenda Adcock
Chosen, The Verda Foster
Christmas Crush Kate McLachlan
Closets, Combat, and Coming Out: Coming of Age as a Gay Man in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Army Rob Smith
Cognate Cleo Dare
Colder Than Ice Helen (HM) Macpherson
Creed Michael Chavez
Dark Sorcerer Threatening Damian Serbu
Day of the Dead Andi Marquette
Death By Discount Mary Vermillion
Destination Alara S. Y. Thompson
Destiny's Bridge Carrie Carr
Diving Into the Turn Carrie Carr
Download J Y Morgan
Eye of the Storm Melissa Good
Faith's Crossing Carrie Carr
Family Affairs Vicki Stevenson
Family Ties Vicki Stevenson
Family Values Vicki Stevenson
Faultless Cleo Dare
Fractured Futures S. Y. Thompson
Game of Denial, The Brenda Adcock
Gardener of Aria Manor, The A. L. Duncan
Gift, The Verda Foster
Girls In Ice Houses Linda Morganstein
Going, Going, Gone: Susie's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Gospel Nat Burns
Hanging Offense Cleo Dare
Hard Lessons J.M. Carr
Harpies' Feast Linda Morganstein
Haze Michael Chavez
Heart's Desire, The Anna Furtado
Heart's Longing, The Anna Furtado
Heart's Passage Cate Swannell
Heart's Resolve Carrie Carr
Heart's Strength, The Anna Furtado
Hearts, Dead and Alive Kate McLachlan
Hope's Path Carrie Carr
Hurricane Watch Melissa Good
In A Southern Closet J. Robin Whitley
In the Midnight Hour Brenda Adcock
Into the Mist Sharon G. Clark
It's Elementary Jennifer Jackson
It's Elementary, Too Jennifer Jackson
Jess Pauline George
Land of Entrapment Andi Marquette
Learning To Trust J Y Morgan
Leave of Absence Renée Bess
Life, Love and Seasons DK Hawk
Lights & Sirens Jeanine Hoffman
Lindsay versus the Marauders J. S. Frankel
Lindsay, Jo and the Tree of Forever J. S. Frankel
Love Another Day Regina Hanel
Love's Journey Carrie Carr
Love's Redemption Helen (HM) Macpherson
Many Roads To Travel Karen Surtees, Nann Dunne
Midnight Musings Shawn Blackhawk
More Than Knowing J. Robin Whitley
Mountain Rescue: On the Edge Sky Croft
Mountain Rescue: The Ascent Sky Croft
Moving Target Melissa Good
Murder and the Hurdy Gurdy Girl Kate McLachlan
Murder By Mascot Mary Vermillion
My Life With Stella Kane Linda Morganstein
No Ocean Deep Cate Swannell
No Thru Road Linda M. Vogt
Now You See Me S. Y. Thompson
On A Silver Platter Linda Morganstein
One Promise Lynne Norris
Ordinary Furies Linda Morganstein
Other Mrs. Champion, The Brenda Adcock
Out At Home: Book Five in the Clarksonville Series Barbara L. Clanton
Out of Left Field: Marlee's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Partners - Book Two Melissa Good
Partners-Book One Melissa Good
Picking Up the Pieces Brenda Adcock
Pipeline Brenda Adcock
Piperton Carrie Carr
Pirate Witch, The Damian Serbu
Quite An Undertaking: Devon's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Re: Building Sasha Renée Bess
Red Sky At Morning Melissa Good
Redress of Grievances Brenda Adcock
Regardless Sharon Poppen
Reiko's Garden Brenda Adcock
Rescue At Inspiration Point Kate McLachlan
Return of an Impetuous Pilot Kate McLachlan
Rip Van Dyke Kate McLachlan
Romance: Mild To Wild Rrrose Carbinela
Rules, The Renée Bess
Running With George Charles Lunsford
Sea Hawk, The Brenda Adcock
Second Chances Lynne Norris
Secrets In the Attic Damian Serbu
Secrets of the Other Side Eric Gober
Seminal Murder Mary Vermillion
Shadowstalkers Sky Croft
Soiled Dove Brenda Adcock
Something To Be Thankful For Carrie Carr
Souls' Rescue Pat Cronin
State of Denial Andi Marquette
Stealing Second: Sam's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Storm Surge, Book One Melissa Good
Storm Surge, Book Two Melissa Good
Stormy Waters Melissa Good
Strength In Numbers Jeanine Hoffman
Strength of the Heart Carrie Carr
Tears Don't Become Me Sharon G. Clark
Terrors of the High Seas Melissa Good
These Dreams Verda Foster
Thicker Than Water Melissa Good
Thy Neighbor's Wife Georgia Beers
Ties That Bind, The Andi Marquette
Time For Love Rrrose Carbinela
To Hold Forever Carrie Carr
To Sleep Paula Offutt
Tools of Ignorance: Lisa's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Trials of Christopher Mann, The Casey Charles
Tropical Convergence Melissa Good
Tropical Storm Melissa Good
True Colours Karen Surtees, Nann Dunne
Trust Our Tomorrows Carrie Carr
Tunnel Vision Brenda Adcock
Turning the Page Georgia Beers
Turning Tides A.K. Naten
Twenty-four Days Janet Albert
Twice Bitten R. G. Emanuelle
Twisted J. S. Frankel
Under Devil's Snare S. Y. Thompson
Under the Midnight Cloak S. Y. Thompson
Until Soon Maya Indigal
Vampire's Angel, The Damian Serbu
Vampire's Quest, The: Book II in the Vampire's Angel Series Damian Serbu
Vampire's Witch, The: Book III in the Vampire's Angel series Damian Serbu
Walking the Camino Sagrado Michael Chavez
Way Things Should Be, The Carrie Carr
White Dragon Regina Hanel
White Roses Calling Dakota Hudson
Winds of Change-Book One Melissa Good
Woeful Pines S. Y. Thompson

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