Light of Day, The

by Lynne Norris

Emma Chamberlain chased after the brass ring of success. When she loses her job at a high-powered Wall Street brokerage during a stock market crash that bankrupts her employer, Emma's life is turned upside down. Her wealth vaporizes in the span of weeks and her nine year old relationship crumbles just as fast. Reeling, disillusioned and left with no other alternative she leaves New York City and returns to her home town in Western Massachusetts to the cottage her father left her when he died.

A failed coaching career and a family tragedy brings Grace Moretti home to live and work with her mother and father on the family farm. Grateful for the diversion the farm provides from the realities of her life Grace throws herself into the daily rhythm and chores farming demands.

Neither woman is looking for love. Grace thinks Emma is a rich city girl who'll ditch the small town life as soon as she can find a new job. Emma can't figure out why she's attracted to someone she has so little in common with. Will Emma return to her old life lured back by the prospect of money and power or will she find a new life and love in and among the farming community she's become a part of?

Publication date: 06/01/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61929-338-0

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