Moving Target

by Melissa Good

Dar and Kerry both feel the cruise ship project seems off somehow, but they can't quite grasp what is wrong with the whole scenario. Things continue to go wrong and their competitors still look to be the culprits behind the problems. Then new information leads them to discover a plot that everyone finds difficult to believe. Out of her comfort zone yet again, Dar refuses to lose and launches a new plan that will be a win-win, only to find another major twist thrown in her path. With everyone believing Dar can somehow win the day, can Dar and Kerry pull off another miracle finish? Do they want to?

Fans of this series should note that due to its length this story will be split into three novels. The determination of where to make that split was a joint decision between the author and the publisher.

See the title Tropical Convergence for further details on the first part and the title Stormy Waters for details on the second part.

Publication date: 12/16/2013
ISBN: 978-1-61929-150-8

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