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Taylor Rickard, co-author of The Redmond Family Saga with T. Novan, grew up a southerner with a grandmother who guaranteed that Taylor knew her southern history. By the time she was twelve, her grandmother had taken her to every Revolutionary and Civil War battle field east of the Mississippi. Where most children were read fairy tales, Taylor got to listen to the likes of Bruce Catton, James McPherson and Douglas Freeman. So when T. Novan first started writing the short stories that eventually became the basis for Words Heard in Silence,, Taylor was an obvious choice as a writing partner, where she got to use her extensive knowledge of Southern tradition and Civil War politics and battles to bring reality and historical veracity to this sweeping historical novel.

Taylor has worked in many industries in her life. She says it is because she is easily bored. In her youth, she ran restaurants and bars for a major hotel chain. Becoming tired of that, she served a stint with the Federal Government while getting her college degrees. That was sufficiently interesting that she hung around and got a masters degree as well. More than ten years in the television industry resulted in numerous awards, including a Peabody, two Emmys, a Cleo and several New York Film Critics' awards for news, documentaries and public relations productions. Nowadays, she works as a consultant specializing in high technology management for Government and large corporations.

She and her partner T. Novan live on a small homestead about 20 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia, property that was once the location of the Confederate headquarters and field hospital during the Battle of Cold Harbor.

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