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Creating characters and situations is an often risky business, especially when, in lieu of the homework he expected, an American History teacher gets a short story the student has written. Somehow, Sharon managed to graduate and move on, doing an eight year tour of duty with the Marine Corps. She has also worked as a computer specialist, a substitute teacher, and currently, as a telecommunications analyst. Having toured in numerous countries must be an omen, since her life has been one giant research project. Sharon currently resides in Colorado.

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Upcoming Releases

Speak Easy, Speak Danger

It's been four years since Fiona, Margaret, and Sunny Cavanaugh, along with friend Brigid Conner, left Boston to start a new life in Colorado.

Sunny Josephine Cavanaugh has come of age and has become a partner in Fiona's Carpentry business. Jo offers to do work for the new seamstress, who's opening a shop downtown. Tessa Langford hates the restrictions and constant hovering by her brother James; his constant harping of her previous troubles forging a wedge separating them further with each reminder. She's interested in Jo the carpenter, and James isn't happy about it.

Fiona Cavanaugh is having serious medical trouble. She's been losing her sight for periods and the migraines are getting worse. Afraid to tell Margaret, Fiona's unable to find a way to mend the distance growing between them because of her health and her silence. Margaret has felt Fiona hiding something, and concerned when Fiona chooses to avoid rather than speak to her. They're growing apart, and Margaret fears that if she doesn't figure out what is the underlying reason, she could lose Fiona forever.

Brigid Conner has enjoyed her new life since arriving in Colorado. She hasn't found that special someone, but gets her hopes up when James Langford shows an interest - until James causes trouble for Fiona and Jo. Brigid finds solace in the understanding ear of her friend Ethel Winton's new beau, Nicholas Trence. Only, Nicholas can't be as wonderful as he appears on the surface, can he?

Can they all overcome the obstacles and find happiness?

Tentative Publication Date: April 2018

Doctor's Bitter Pill

Giselle Saunders has a relatively happy life, until her benefactor, Preston Muir dies a horrible death. Giselle has no sooner come to grips with her "uncle's" death, when the rest of the family begins dying one-by-one from an epidemic. She turns to Elspeth, a nurse hired to assist Colonel Gardner after an injury, and the rest of the family during this medical emergency. Other than Preston and the Colonel, Elspeth is the only person Giselle has ever trusted, and the only one who has ever created the strange feelings in Giselle's body and heart.

Elspeth Keillor believes something sinister is happening at the Gardner mansion. When the Colonel enlists her assistance in keeping an eye on Giselle when the family falls ill, Elspeth realizes she may be in over her head--and over-her-head-in-love with the much younger Giselle. Elspeth suspects foul play by the son-in-law, Dr. Edwin Merrick, but is dismissed when she starts questioning his procedures on the patients. Her distress increases when Elspeth learns Giselle has taken it upon herself to prove Edwin the murderer.

Will Giselle and Elspeth be able to come to terms with their attraction to one another, before they are the next victim?

Tentative Publication Date: July 2018

Chaos From the Void

Only a short period of time has passed since defeating Belzan and his army to destroy magic, and moreover, Zheirger Keep. As Kellshae comes to terms with the roles of people with and without magic, a new threat appears.

Zuena is learning to control and perfect her skills as a healer, her superior skills giving her an honored place among the senior mages. There is peace in Langear, and Kellshae is slowly overcoming the chaos from the abuses to and the abused by magic. Darkness is coming, prophesied in Zuena's nightmares, and it will bring destruction and a new battle from the Void. Zuena doesn't fear this new war, since they've already defeated an evil god, and a sadistic maniac. What Zuena fears is how she'll ever fight her turbulent feelings for Shayne, the beautiful stranger from the Void.

Colonel Shayne Eliza Zamora was only weeks from retirement before she was given one last order: Destroy all evidence of activities performed and remove the team living there for the last five decades. Easier said than done when some from the Void refuse to leave--and a certain healer disrupts Shayne's precisely formulated plans. Most frustrating are the feelings she has for Zuena, a woman nearly twenty years younger, after decades managing to avoid attachments of the heart - and the perplexities of love.

When a group from the Void decide they'd rather rule the planet than leave it, Shayne must do everything she can to protect Zuena, the only woman able to remind Shayne she still has a beating heart.

Tentative Publication Date: October 2018

Current Releases

Tears Don't Become Me 10th Anniversary Edition

GW Diamond is a private investigator who specializes in missing children cases. Her choice of specialties results from her own childhood trauma. When her uncle, the sheriff of Elk Grove, Missouri, calls her in on a case, GW could never have imagined how much the case would change her.

Erin Dunbar arrives hours after the daughter of her estranged sister has gone missing. She appreciates that the sheriff, her old friend, is going to let her in on the investigation. But from the first moment she meets GW, Erin senses there is something different about her. Yes, she's a pain in the ass PI and yes, she can be a pain in general, but when Erin looks into her eyes...pain is all she sees. And her heart urges her to take that pain away.

GW is a professional at pushing people away, but Erin is not about to be moved.

As they search for Erin's niece, Angela, the women must come to a truce to work together.

Will they be able to find Angela in time to save her from a fate worse than death?

Will Erin be able to save GW as well? Or will GW do as she's always done, sacrifice herself to save the children?

**This edition is available in eBook formats only.

(The first edition is still available in print format from Bella.)

Publication date: 08/15/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61929-350-2

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Speakeasy, Speak Love

Fiona "Finn" Cavanaugh wants to move west, leaving the tenements and her abusive father far behind. When she saves Margaret Graham from the local street bully, Fiona doesn't realize how the ramifications will change her life, her plans, and especially her heart. Eldon Graham, Margaret's brother, offers Finn the chance to work for him, and make more money than anyone else "his" age. For Fiona, this could mean a chance to save faster to meet her goals--and spend more time with Margaret.

Margaret Graham comes from a family of some consequence and has finished a college degree to be a teacher, but is thoroughly under her brother's rule. He believes her education is nice, because it will land her a prominent husband. He has his partner in crime, Jimmy Bennet, at the top of the suitor list. Margaret, at first, is confused and frustrated by the immediate attraction to a mere boy-child when she and Finn meet. She learns the truth, but the knowledge--and the fact Fiona works for her brother--could cost Fiona her life.

The heat between Fiona and Margaret nears a boiling point; and, when rival gangsters, and Jimmy, turn up the heat on the Graham businesses, things become so dangerous that neither woman may survive long enough to leave for a better life, or explore their burgeoning love for each other.

Publication date: 06/01/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61929-334-2

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Magic Found In Chaos, The

A disgruntled Gradyln warrior, Belzan, is preparing to destroy the woman who severed his hand and banished him - and all those important to Kareina. Using the fear of the people of Kellshae as a catalyst to building his army, Belzan incites hatred of magic wielders, and the basic need of men to get their women under control.

Gionne needs to bring Kellshae's first oracle to Zheirger Keep, but must traverse the unsettled land filled with angry magicked people, and the common people killing those with magic. The rift separating Gionne from Jahq never broached makes the situation difficult, as they're to work together on this matter. Time has Gionne wondering if she may have been rash in her actions to break up with Gionne. Hatred is tearing Kellshae apart. Is it too late to make amends before all hope is lost?

Jahq hasn't spoken to Gionne for nearly three years, has barely left her rooms in the Keep. Now her mothers are asking Jahq to accompany Gionne from Gradyln to Zheirger. She knows this mission is important to Kellshae, and that her absence should make her disappearance afterward easier.

Jahq accepts one former lesson above all: Gionne's rejection was worse for her than any monster Bahalkar spit up from its depths.

Publication date: 01/04/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61929-312-0

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Chaos Beneath the Moonbeams

The age of magic has been over for nearly three centuries; finalized with the War of Harmony. Even the Gods willingly melt into forgetfulness, letting mortal life grow as it would, for good or bad. Not all the gods' had agreed unanimously. So, when a mortal man decides to release a banished god for his own purposes, nothing will ever be the same.

Kareina of Clan Gradyln has posed as her twin brother Karr (with the aid of minor forbidden magic) for over a decade, since Karr's disappearance and Kareina's kidnapping and torture. Even Caldier Hassid, her father, forgets her true gender. So, when Hassid agrees to a betrothal between Karr and Mayliandra, it's up to Kareina to figure a way out of it. Meanwhile, someone has brought the old god T'Dar from the depths of Bahalkar to bring back the old ways of chaos.

Mayliandra of Clan Bredwine, about to be given to the fierce Sher Karr, doesn't know if she should be happy for the opportunity to leave her home, where she's nothing but a servant; or, petrified her future husband will learn her secret. Although Mayliandra intends to do her duty to her clan, she can't help wishing Karr were his dead sister, Kareina.

Publication date: 10/01/2015
ISBN: 978-1-61929-252-9

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A Majestic Affair

A decade ago, Tiara Summers was forced to leave her home with her alcoholic mother, and contact was lost with her father and friends. Tiara built a profitable construction business in Colorado Springs and, if not exactly happy, is comfortable with her life. Then she receives a letter from her father asking for help with a horse, which means returning to Silver Waters, Colorado with all the old memories of kisses and running away...and Jayce.

Jayce Mansfield trains horses for a living. Her focus is specializing the equines for stunts in the movies. Then Tiara returns, though her father is AWOL, and Jayce sees promise in a second chance. Hopes for the happily-ever-after she'd envisioned for them are reanimated, until Jayce realizes the sweet, caring teenager that left ten years ago has turned into a bitter woman.

When a little gangster in a purple limousine comes demanding Tiara give over her father's horse, situations and emotions only become more complicated, compelling Tiara to run again.

Can Jayce get Tiara to realize she belongs in Silver Waters, that they belong together?

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Publication date: 08/01/2014
ISBN: 978-1-61929-178-2

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Into the Mist

Lieutenant Kasey Houston has snuck off the USS Console, to join the Marines in their fight against the Japanese soldiers, in May of 1945. She is a psychiatric nurse, and when the Marines of her unit are all killed, she attempts to take out the enemy. However, a strange gray mist is in the cave, and the enemy soldier releases a grenade that buries her in rubble.

Captain Andrea Knight is locating the occupants of an exploded building. She comes upon a woman without identification and in WWII era uniform. Andrea after learning Kasey is from the past procures documentation to establish Kasey as a Military Advisor to the Militia.

Andrea and Kasey are to meet with the officials and militia, who want them to be a bodyguard for the Ambassador of the United Church. His mission: to explain the severity of the threat of the terrorist gangs and Bad Billy. The United Presidents refuse to believe the threat bad. The Ambassador tries to explain he's capable of stopping Billy by using powers they both possess.

Bad Billy requests a rendezvous and stipulates that Andrea come alone. Kasey pleads with Andrea to ignore the message, and is shocked to learn later that Andrea has gone anyway. Meanwhile, Andrea realizes how much she loves Kasey although she is afraid to admit it. Can she avoid her worst fear that Kasey could be returned to her own time before an opportunity ever presents itself to act on her feelings?

**Print books are available from Bella. All eBook formats available from multiple vendors.**

Publication date: 09/10/2010
ISBN: 978-1-935053-34-7

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