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Lynnette has been telling stories ever since she was a child, but it was not until adulthood that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in writing and literature. After earning degrees in English and film studies, she went on to get an MA in literature and an MFA in fiction writing. She has been a professor of creative writing and British literature for several years.

This novel was her MFA thesis and is the product of extensive research and time spent in England. Three study abroad trips gave her the opportunity to live as a Londoner and to get an ear for British dialect and nuances. As a longstanding member of the International Virginia Woolf Society, she has presented papers at conferences in the US and the UK. Her stories and essays have appeared in a number of publications.

When not writing or grading papers, Lynnette enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and ocean swimming. She does much of her revising and editing while sitting in a shady park or on the beach. She's married and lives in a small coastal town in Southern California.

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Just Beyond the Shining River

Giving up a promising career as an artist, Gemma Oldfield turns her back on her British roots and moves to Los Angeles to be with the woman who has captured her heart. When things don't go as planned, Gemma buries herself in her work as a Hollywood set decorator-all the while clinging to the hope that the passion with her lover can be rekindled. But she must temporarily leave L.A. behind and return to England after her grandmother's unexpected passing. Once there, she discovers shocking secrets she could never have foreseen.

Emily Oldfield, Gemma's beloved Nan, was a simple woman who painted portraits and tended her garden in the small village of Moulton. But Gemma learns that Nan's life was far from simple. When she discovers hundreds of letters written from a mysterious person dating as far back as the 1930s, Gemma embarks upon a quest to understand why her grandmother took so many secrets to her grave.

Gemma's journey to discover the truth leads her to London where she soon realizes that the matriarch's past, if revealed, could destroy the Oldfields. Should she keep these scandalous revelations to herself, or expose them to her family?

Nan is not the only one with a hidden past. Hannah Davis is adjusting to life following a shocking confession from her husband James--a secret he kept hidden for years. But James and Hannah, veterinarians running an animal clinic in London, attempt to carry on as business partners. As a Buddhist, Hannah struggles between allowing the universe to show her the way and scheming of ways to get James to realize that leaving her was the biggest mistake of his life.

Set in the late twentieth century and partially told through letters which span several decades, this story follows these women as they unlock secrets from the past that will change the course of their lives forever.

Tentative Publication Date: January 2018

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